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Europa Donna Cyprus is an independent, non-profit organisation and member of the Europa Donna - The European Breast Cancer Coalition, which consists of 47 member countries. The Organisation aims to provide support services to patients with breast cancer or gynaecological cancer, to assert patients' rights, as well as raise public awareness, contributing to prevention and early diagnosis.

Through its programs, the Organisation provides, among other things, free psychological support services to patients and their family members, physical therapy services and nutrition services. In addition, the Organisation subsidises the purchase of a wig, while also providing the first soft breast prosthesis, special bra and external silicone prosthesis to women who have undergone mastectomy.

Welcome to Europa Donna Cyprus Houses!

We take pride in operating four welcoming houses, where women facing breast cancer or gynaecological cancer, along with their families, are warmly greeted by our caring staff. As soon as you step inside, you’ll experience a comforting atmosphere filled with support and strength.

Our "Journey Room" stands out as the heart of each House, offering a selection of essential items to assist you during your treatment journey. From wigs and bras to prosthesis and head scarfs, we have thoughtfully selected a collection of samples to make your experience as comfortable and empowering as possible. You can count on finding everything you need right here. Come and visit us at Europa Donna Cyprus, and together, we’ll face the challenges of cancer with a spirit of unity and compassion. We’re here to uplift you and your loved ones throughout this journey, every step of the way.

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Our people are always here to provide the necessary guidance and support. Please feel free to contact us and/or visit a Europa Donna House.

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