HR Philosophy

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Our Human Resources (HR) Department ensures that our staff, the Organisation’s most valuable asset, is productive and at the same time satisfied in their job. Using objective and effective policies, processes and procedures, our top priorities include the following:

  • Attract, recruit and select high-calibre, engaged and highly-motivated professionals according to the specific requirements of each function and position
  • Train and develop the staff using a variety of effective on-the-job and off-the-job methods and techniques
  • Objectively appraise the performance of staff and identify possible training and development needs
  • Successfully manage employee relations and other related employment issues
  • Provide an attractive reward system which includes both financial and non-financial rewards making the overall remuneration package very competitive
  • Maintain a friendly, pleasant, supportive but also professional work environment
  • Maintain an organisational culture which promotes morality, objectivity, fairness, equality, respect, recognition, understanding and teamwork, encouraging the exchange of ideas and opinions, continuous and lifelong learning as well as the discussion of complaints or other issues
  • Maintain employee career plans and effective career progression mechanisms
  • Ensure there are healthy and safe working conditions in our organisation and all organisational activities
  • Ensure that our staff maintain a balance between their work and their personal live
  • Ensure equal opportunities of employment in all organisational policies, processes and procedures.

We strongly believe in our people and we are highly committed to offering challenging and rewarding career to them.
Our Organisation’s successful story and promising future belongs to our people.


Although our standard practice is to announce any vacant positions which arise, interested applicants can send an application for employment at any time.

If a job is announced, you should expect a reply to your application within one month, unless otherwise specified in the announcement. If there are no available positions, you should expect a reply within two weeks of your application.


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