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"Support" Program

With the main goal to meet the increased needs of individuals who are experiencing breast or gynaecological cancer, as well as their families, for immediate psychological and emotional support, we have designed and implemented the above program.

It provides individuals with the opportunity to seek ways to overcome the initial emotional turmoil that the diagnosis of cancer may cause and to cope with the subsequent treatment and recovery.

Additionally, it offers individuals the opportunity to utilise their abilities in order to overcome various difficulties, discover new aspects of themselves, and structure their lives according to their needs and priorities.

More specifically, the "Support" Program aims to:
  • Dealing with the upheaval experienced by both the individual and their family after receiving a breast or gyneacological cancer diagnosis.
  • Improving overall quality of life for the individual, considering their unique and specific needs.
  • Understanding and managing the emotions that overwhelm most individuals with cancer diagnosis (anger, grief, anxiety, fear).
  • Familiarisation with the new body image and adjustment to the new life circumstances.
  • Finding alternative ways to address the difficulties that arise in the family, social or work environment after cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Is there a connection between psychology and breast cancer?

Many scientific studies show that there is a clear relationship and interaction between physical and psychological factors.

The psychology of individuals after diagnosis is often characterised by intermittent changes that may have an impact on their health status. Many studies as well as most doctors, can confirm from their daily experience that the cause of a disease and the positive or negative response of the patient to the recommended treatment depends not only on early diagnosis and getting the right treatment but also on the psychological state of the individual.

According to scientific studies, an individual's well-being and positive mindset are crucial for a more effective approach in dealing with the issue.

The Program supports all individuals who have experienced breast or gyneacological cancer, as well as their spouses, partners and families. The service is provided free-of-charge at all Europa Donna Houses, in Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos.

You can always seek support:

Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses dialogue and communications as a means of understanding and change.

At the same time, through specific methods and techniques, psychotherapy promotes the mental health and the well-being of the individual.

The form of psychotherapy is able to provide a safe and confidential environment, in which the individual can openly discuss all those issues that concern or trouble them, with the primary objective of resolving them.

Family therapy and Couples councelling

The diagnosis of cancer not only affects the individuals who experience it, but also their environment.

It is an issue that concerns and affects the entire family. Usually, the balances, roles, and dynamics of relationships are temporarily disrupted. The disease can disturb the roles and family stability.

Family therapy and couples councelling aim to manage this new reality, improve communication and recognise the different needs of each partner, among other things.

For more information regarding the "Support" Program, please contact our Houses.

Person in Charge:

Dr. Stephanie Christodoulidou, PsychD

Chartered Psychologist

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"Support" Program

OPAP Cyprus is the Mega Sponsor of this Program

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